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Driving fast is a sport, but driving blind is a puzzle. If you pay close attention, everything you hear is a piece.

Isaac seems to be your typical ride-share driver. He values passenger safety, strives for good ratings, and relies on good tips to make it through the day. However, what his passengers don't know is that if he takes off the sunglasses that lock him into a world of complete darkness, terrible things will happen.

In this noir thriller meets driving simulator, play as Isaac, our hard-working ride-share driver who must rely solely upon the things he can hear in order to navigate the bustling roads. Learn to drive blind, avoid obstacles, and unravel the mystery of how he ended up in such a peculiar set of circumstances.

Want to get in touch with us? Send us an email at fivestarsinthedark@gmail.com

Our Team


  • Sean Fronteras - Programming Lead
  • Charles Advincula - Programmer
  • Benjamin Rowland - Programmer
  • Thomas Applewhite - Programmer

Art & UI

  • Andrew Vien - Art Director
  • Brian Chu - UI Coordinator


  • Gideon Fox - Narrative Director
  • Nathann Latimore - Narrative Assistant
  • Sean Fronteras - Narrative Assistant

Level Design

  • Nathann Latimore - Level Designer


  • Gideon Fox - Composition Lead


  • Rutvik Katkoriya - Sound Director


  • Lauren Fowlkes - Producer
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsFive Stars in the Dark, Thomas Applewhite, Benjamin Rowland, CharlesAdvincula

Install instructions

  • Our game runs on both Mac & Windows operating systems
  • Game supports input with standard gaming controllers (PlayStation, Xbox, etc.), keyboards, and most Logitech Force Feedback Steering Wheels
  • Headphones are recommended for optimal gameplay experience, as proper play requires the ability to make decisions based on directional audio cues
  • Content warnings for some moderate foul language and (non-graphic) car collisions. 
  • Recommended for players age 13+


Five Stars in the Dark Mac Version 1.4.3.zip 486 MB
Five Stars in the Dark PC Version 1.4.3.zip 487 MB

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